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Elink Security is proud of its professional services regarding installations and maintenance of


  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Controls/Parking Barriers
  • Intruder/Burglar alarms


We have been installing purposeful CCTV systems, at all levels, for many years. The choice of any system is to a large extent depends on its actual purpose. Crime prevention, for example, is the basic purpose of every surveillance project. Continuous Police/Court quality recording and its friendly backup process is one of the most significant aspects of the CCTV project.

An access control system helps to control the access to any building.
All small to large businesses have assets that need to be protected against their damage and theft. Unlike normal key and lock manual systems, an electronic access control provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing any building and assets. Having an access control system simply means that you will never have to change a lock or copy its keys again. These systems ensure

  • All time controlled entry to valuable sites
  • 2 way audio/video communication
  • Combined access control and intercom
  • Multiple audio and video entrance control for flats and commercial buildings
  • Interface with barriers, automatic doors
  • Peace of mind to work in a safe environment


Intruder safety alarms are designed to alert the owner to a possible danger. Sensors are connected to a control unit via a low-voltage hardwire or narrowband RF signal which is used to interact with an associated response device. The most common security sensors indicate the opening of a door or window or detect motion via passive infrared (PIR).

Industrial alarm systems are specially designed for integration of several sensor systems at a time. The sensors placed at the fence of a building, for example, would detect and delay the intruders as they try to reach the building. To create a hidden defense line, there are also buried perimeter sensors that can be fixed on top of a wall or buried underground. The last line of protection is the building itself which can be protected by infrared, microwave, magnetic and many more types of door sensors.


  • We Recommend and install domestic intruder alarms to protect your home and family with user friendly
    features at competitive prices

  • Install commercial alarms to ensure safety of your business, building and workers

  • Guarantee parts and labour warranty with optional alarm maintenance service

 Our quality based mission, includes

  1. Installation of relatively simple domestic and commercial security systems
  2. A free survey of premises and a documented explanation of the required security measures
  3. Accurate drawings and designs showing how the system will ultimately work
  4. Post-installation support
  5. Free servicing and maintenance for a period  after a system is finally installed
  6. A complete design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance service.






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